A Great (and Long) Evening Out

Grammy Night

Dress: Madison Marcus (of coarse, it is on sale now, after I bought it....here)

Handbag: Vintage (purchased at Flying A Vintage)

Ok, so these outdoor pics (above) were taken before the show. We went to pick up friends first so I was able to get a few shots in the sunlight in front of their house.

Below are the pictures I attempted to take indoors...I apologize for the quality. It was not easy getting good pictures because people are constantly jumping in the way, so you have to be fast. It doesn't really matter though because you can look through the magazines to get the professional shots...still I wanted to share my perspective...

I wanted to show the lace on the hemline...it was my favorite part of the dress!

One of the many commercial breaks...

Now I realize that this picture (below) is blurry as ever, but I just NEEDED to snap a photo of J Lo. In my opinion, she looked incredibly beautiful!

And one final photo taken afterwards...

Overall, we had a really great night. I loved all the performances, especially Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo and Gwynie, and Mumford and sons, to name a few.

Getting into the venue is a madhouse. Its like being in a slow moving (but constantly moving) disney world ride...you get glimpses of the celebs but security yells at you to just "keep it moving people!" 

Commercial breaks are crazy because people get up and move around very, very quickly, and if you go to the bathroom, seat fillers take your spot until you get back. Problem is, that you end up being stuck outside for a while because they don't want anyone obstructing camera views. So you have to wait until the next commercial break to reclaim your beloved seat.

The attire varied greatly. I saw everything from denim (yep), short dresses, long gowns, and some people even seemed to re-use brides maids dresses...seeing all the clothes and accessories was one of my favorite parts!!

I learned two lessons the hard way: 1. My feet hurt like mad and I was regretting not taking the time to buy some Dr Scholls...they were literally cramped into a curled position by the time I took off my heels. Not Pretty.
2. After 8 hours, my mascara finally smudged and I had major racoon eyes (why, oh why, didnt any of my friends, you know who you are...tell me?!) So now I will NEVER go to an event without wearing my FiberWig Mascara...

Despite the lessons learned, and the commercial breaks, it was a fun evening. I definitely need some time to recover!!

 Well, there you have it...an evening at the grammys from the perspective of your normal, everyday, run of the mill chic!!

P.S. What was your favorite performance?

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  1. omg love love your dress.. everything about it is perfection.. the navy blue color, the ruching detail.. to the lace detailing! love it!

    ps. where are your shoes from they're so cute!!

  2. Hi @ lisa! The shoes are from Bloomies. Joan & David...

  3. That dress is amazing. Definitely a sexy little number. I love the purse too!

  4. Your outfit is stunning - you look gorgeous! How exciting to be there though.. We had the Brits last night which were fantastic as well..

    Don't forget to check out my giveaway of an ASOS clutch and Eyeko goodies at www.gawgusthings.com!

  5. Your outfit was flawless: lacy-hem, pretty ring, GORGEOUS ring! Glad you had fun!

  6. love the dress, it's so beautiful and classy! sounds like you had such an awesome night :)

  7. So jealous! I would have loved to see those performances live. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress :) x

  8. So jealous! I would have loved to see those live performances. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress :) x

  9. Love your dress, and yes I am so jealous!!

  10. i like everything in your outfit! they're so beautiful especially your dress! i love them all! :-)


  11. Wow, what a fun opportunity! At first I thought you went to a Grammy party, not the actual Grammys! How'd you manage that? Youndon't have to tell but I had to ask :D You look stunning! I like one-shoulder evening dresses, and that is a fun hemline. Of course the heels which killed your feet are very killer!

    My hubs and I don't usually watch award shows but I convinced him to watch because we love music and it's fun to watch performances. I mostly listen to indie music but I've been expanding my horizons. I've recently gotten hooked on "Grenade" by Bruno Mars because when I was working so much OT in January and my hubs picked me up late from work, it was on and my boys were singing it. I liked the performances you mentioned. I also like "Jolene" performed by John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Keith Urban. Paula Cole did an awesome live performance of it year's back at a local radio station. And, I actually liked Katy Perry's performance.

    That has to be my longest comment ever. Maybe. Can you sense my passion for music? And, truly you looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous and every positive adjective I can think of :D

  12. Two Thumbs UP!! You looked GREAT!! And the shoes may hurt, but they look Awesome!!!

  13. Great shots! I missed it completely, I was at show. I'll have to check out the recaps online. GREAT dress!

  14. awesome dress! you're so pretty!!



  15. wow, what a fun experience and opportunity!! very interesting about the seat fillers...so you have to let them know whenever you leave?? you looked fabulous, and i love your ring.


  16. This sounds amazing, I wish I could have been there! Great photos, you look absolutely stunning! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  17. What a beautiful dress (and clutch and shoes for that matter). I can't believe you got to go, that's AMAZING!

  18. Wow how exciting you look great! I have a major girl crush on J Lo since she is the new judge on American Idol. I watch to see her outfits haha

  19. holy crap! you went to the grammys?! iam sooo jealous - you looked glamorous! im so happy i found your blog! thanks for commenting!

  20. Wow, that's awesome. I am so jealous. But great outfit your shoes look great.

    Write it in Lipstick

  21. Holy Cow, you were Grammy's??

    How very COOL are you!



    Join the Easiest Blog Project Ever at:

    Twenty York Street

  22. wow, so jealous that you were able to attend the grammys!! your dress is stunning and what a really unique purse! i love how it kinda sparkles. :)

    and i think i would've died if i saw J. Lo. lol.

    cute and little

  23. Wowee. I am seriously so jealous. I was watching every minute, drooling over the fashion and performances. I LOVE me some JLO and I, too, thought she looked gorgeous. My faves were Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, and CeeLo. Ummm, I think pretty much the exact same favorites of yours. Ha. Oh, plus, Eminem. I am a major Eminem lover...and not afraid to admit it. ;)

  24. Your dress is gorgeous and those heels are PERFECT! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm lovin' yours and following :)

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  25. wow my dear you are amazing with that dress!!and i imagine the emotion for the event:)thanks for your comment and i'm not English so sorry for mistakes:)would you return and follow me?i'll do the same!


  26. Wow, lucky girl. Love your bag. And Gaga was my favorite for sure!

    Check out my new post if you like : )




  27. Looks like you had an AMAZING time!! So awesome, I'm jealous! I love your outfit. It would have been so fun to go and see what everyone was wearing.

  28. You look stunning and love the dress!! That always happenes after I buy stuff...it goes on sale (story of my life)

  29. That bag is amazing, and J Lo really is beautiful.

  30. so fun! how the heck did you score tickets to the grammy's. I'm impressed!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  31. @ Jen haha, I love that you're so passionate about music! My hubby is too!

    @oomph, no, when you get up, the ushers signal to the seat fillers to take your spot so no seat ever looks empty

    @Sarah. we get to go to music related things sometimes because of my hubbys job...its a great perk for me;)

  32. You look amazing and I love your shoes! So jealous!


  33. Yeah, I aboslutely agree - JLo looked so stunning! I love her!
    You look amazing, that dress is so sexy, super chic and looks perfect on You! So sorry hear about killer heels, but let me tell You rock!

    xoxo Ra

  34. wow love your dress and shoes and that purse is awesome! sounds like an amazing time, you lucky girl!
    and thanks for the nice comment on my blog, yes, it definitely helps that you're a new follower! i am following you back now :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  35. You look gorgeous! I love that dress! And that nail polish color is so pretty!

  36. that dress... wow its incredibly beautiful and you are right, that lace trim just adds that touch to make it that amazing dress it is

  37. I know I am quite late in getting here, but you seriously went to the awards!!! That is so incredible.

    Not to mention that you looked drop dead gorgeous in your beautiful dress....how unique is that hemline!

    It was truly a fun experience reading about your time that night. Now i know what to expect for a major award like that.

    On another note I wanted to thank you for dropping by at my blog sometime back. I hope we can stay in touch every now and then. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada


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