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Being a beauty product junkie is not an easy task. Its rough on the wallet and takes up lots of counter space!! To make it a bit easier for you to narrow things down, here are some of the many products I have tried over the years....

Alfaparf Semi di Lino Serum:

*I've tried it all and nothing makes my hair shinier outside a salon

I'm officially OBSESSED!!! I waited a week to do this review (you can see by the level of the serum in the bottle, that I've been using this often). I wanted to be sure to give an honest, fully informed review about my own experience.

Non-greasy I can literally apply and re-apply ALL DAY if I want.
Amazing Scent My hubs loves it and everyone thinks its perfume...very clean smelling, not heavy.
The Shine is OUT OF CONTROL Its no wonder they call it liquid diamonds!! (And I'm a blonde, imagine how much shine it would give a brunette!)
Smoothes frizz and fly-aways, and does it really, really well!

Hard to find but I got it on Amazon.
Makes it hard to hold any wave or curl because it almost makes the hair too smooth!!

***careful not to style with heat after application as I think it may be flammable....when I put the blowdryer over one section of hair the room smelled a bit like something was burning...I now only use it AFTER heat styling as my last step.

Kerastase Chronolgiste:

I finally broke down and bought this...I've been loving all Kerastase products FOREVER, and, although expensive,  you wear your hair the cost per wear is actually dirt cheap compared to your favorite Jimmy Choos;)

Therefore, caviar for the hair? Why not?!!!

Fill the cream conditioner in the measuring cup provided. Mix about 10 pumps of the grey beads with the conditioner. Towel dry shampooed hair then apply to in sections and comb through. Wait about 10 minutes...or longer. Rinse. Viola! Shiny, voluminous, frizz free hair! Cant get enough of it.
And TRUST me: I have tried EVERYTHING, and this is by far the best. This is the SECRET to great hair:)

***the qualities of all the Kerastase Conditioning Masks combined into one
***I use it twice a week right now, and people complement my hair all the time

Derologica Microfolient:
Around 50$ but worth it. Gentle enough to use every day.

If you haven't guessed by now, I spend way too much time analyzing products and figuring out what is best for me. I've tried so many different products out there, so if I actually review one, its because its AWESOME.

I have sensitive skin, and use this product EVERY DAY. In fact, I've been using it for almost 2 years. It keeps my pores from clogging, so no new pimples, and removes scarring from old ones. My pores look smaller when I use this!!!

You dont need to use a ton...just sprinkle a little bit of the powder into your hands and add a small amount of H2O, UNTIL IT FOAMS:

If I could only afford one high-end skincare product, this would be it...I would buy everything else (even moisturizer) from the drugstore if I had to. Thats how amazing I think it is!!

Lancome Flash Bronzer :

With summer coming to an end, I can actually say with confidence that I do not have to worry about getting too pale and pasty this fall! Although autumn is my favorite time of year, I always have doubts about my ghostly white complexion. 

Finally, there is a product that I can use all year round that looks natural! I have sensitive skin, and this has never caused any problems. If I want a more subtle look, I just apply a layer of my daily moisturizer before I apply this lotion. 

My one worry was whether or not I could apply this lotion to my face, as I tend to break out from self-tanners. As luck would have it, there's no need for me to run out and purchase the separate face lotion...this works amazing! Zero breakouts!! 

One self-tanning product to keep me bronzed from head to toe! I give Lancome Flash Body Bronzer an A+


Frownies for Frown Lines:

Frownies are no joke!!

It comes as no surprise to those who know me, that I make a lot of facial expressions...and when I'm lost in one of my many Deep Thoughts, I tend to contort my forehead muscles in what appears to a bit of a frown (although I swear I'm a happy person). I do this even in my sleep (according to my hubs). 

So, given that I'm a deep thinker (not a frowner) and also obsessed with skincare...I decided to try these "FROWNIES" out about a year ago. Placed in between the eyes at night, they seem to help in the prevention of wrinkles. When I wear them somewhat often, my "elevens" seem to almost vanish. Supposedly they help train your muscles (in a much less harsh way then Botox), to not frown so damn much! I love these things!!

***Side Effects: you will look like a tool

(unless your my handsome dog Preston, who looks much better modeling these than I would)

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