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Organization is a HUGE part of getting dressed and looking and feeling good... It sucks when you can't find what you need to get ready in the morning, or when your dressing space is cluttered and visually unappealing! Below are some of my strategies for making my closet and vanity area feel more like a dressing room in a favorite boutique, than a messy space to hold my things...

1. Organize Scarves--A Fun Way to Display Them:

Maybe it's just me, but I think scarves are amazing. They can transform an outfit, and they feel so lux and comfy all snuggled up around your neck:) Maybe it's because I grew up in Florida wear you look pretty ridiculous wearing a winter scarf just about any time of year (although, I have tried to convince my friends that light-weight, cotton or linen scarves are perfectly acceptable).

Anyway, if you've been reading my blog posts fairly reguralarly, you'll notice that not only do I love wearing beautiful things, I also love displaying them. Its so nice to get to look at my favorite possesions all the time, even when I'm not using them!!

Here's what I do with my scarf'd be surprised how many you can pack into these things:

This is a large hurricane lamp I got from pottery barn. Yes, they are meant for candles, but they are the perfect cylinders for see through storage.  As you probably know SUCKS when you can't find your favorite scarf because its in a drawer underneath a billion others.  This makes it so easy to see your collection. What;s also really cool about this, is that you can pull from either the top of the pile or the bottom, since the little gold trivet is removable. Not only is this totally functional, I also think it looks really cute, especially with my favorite hat on top;)

2. Organize Your Jewelry-Make it Easy to Find

I have TONS of jewelry. Big bold necklaces, casual delicate chains, name it, I've got it. I even make my own jewelry and am working on creating my own line (Hooray!!)
The thing is, when you have so much jewelry and accessories, it can be REALLY easy to forget about many of your pieces. So I got creative, and customized my own way of organizing and displaying  jewelry!

 Its actually really simple to do:
1. Start with a simple choose the size that works best. 
2. Cover the cork board with beautiful paper from a specialty craft store 
3. Staple or hot glue gun the paper folded nicely around the back so that no cork board will show 
4. With hammer and nails, put up some pretty hooks (stagger them if you like)---I chose these butterfly hooks from Anthropologie bc the holes in the butterfly wings seemed to be the perfect place to dangle my earrings.

*** When you are out and about, keep your eyes open for pretty items that might be meant for one thing but can be used to display your jewelry, scarves, hats, whatever. 

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