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All this sitting at home all day has got me online shopping. Take advantage of some major sales right now while you have nothing to do!

Below are my blue picks, but I'll be posting lots of fun spring and summer colors soon!

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9 Easy Gift ANY Girl Would Like

Its the Holiday Season and we could ALL use some easy "go to" gift ideas for the gals in our lives. I'm such a big fan of the reusable straws and drink containers because its not only a gift to the recipient but a gift to the whole world really. Leads to more saving of plastic bottles and straws AND looks adorable.

Gold and white jewelry is so fresh for the new year and the sweaters are cream colored which is UNIVERSALLY flattering. Another win! 

This essential oil diffuser is AMAZING. I already have one! It's small, so it's meant to be used on a nightstand or desk, but its both beautiful and functional and I'm obsessed with oil diffusers now!

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Just For Fun Marisa 2

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Just For Fun Marisa

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Top 21 Spring Vacation Essentials

I've scoured the internet for the cutest vacation style pieces for Spring 2019. Click on each for info...You're Welcome :)


Top 5 Mistakes When Buying Clothes Online

Today I'm talking about online shopping fails.

What to do when you want to shop for clothing online but are afraid of making returns? Well I have some ideas and suggestions that are sure to create a purchase worth keeping. Sometimes it's inevitable, but there are some key mistakes people make that almost always guarantee an annoying return that can be such a hassle. Here are the top online shopping mistakes people make, and what to do about them so you can hit the big blue button with confidence:)

1. Not paying attention to how the item lays on the model: Does this model have your body type?  Does she wear the same size as you? Likely not, although I'm sure for some of you it's possible.

Here is one example: What can you tell from this picture?
-You can't see the models curves: This is great if that's what you want, however, you need to keep in mind that she is taller than average and has a small bust. 
-This sweater covers her bum all the way down to her thigh. On a person of average height or petite this could really swallow you whole and go down to mid hamstring or farther.
-If you have a large bust, this will drape much differently on your body. 

 2. Not paying attention to the models coloring and features. Have you ever noticed how so many websites only put the brunettes in really hard angles and sharp prints? They also love to put brunettes in high contrast colors like black and whites, while they will put blondes in softer colors like blush or the universally flattering all white. The people in charge usually know what they are doing (they want to sell the hell out of their clothes) so look at their strategy for who they choose to model certain looks. If your blonde and the blonde in the photo looks washed out, chances are you will too. And since they are trying to show this item in the best possible light, my guess is that MOST people will look washed out. 
Takeaway: Look for the models that have similar coloring and your color choice will likely be a success!

3. Not knowing your measurements or size most often worn. Sounds silly, but a lot of people don't really know what size they most often wear in certain brands. 

4. Not doing an inventory of the clothing items you already have in your closet. This is huge. What items look best on you and why? Do you like long and flowy, or curve hugging dresses? What hemline do you wear the most often? Knowing what you gravitate toward in your own closet will help make a purchase that will get worn time and time again.

5. Not reading the item description in full. You may miss out on important keywords like sheer, or runs small,  that would be hard to notice in the online photo. Most sites have suitable keywords in their descriptions if you take the time to look.

Avoid these top online shopping mistakes and you will be able to create a closet full of amazing pieces that get worn  over and over again!


Top Rainy Day Fashion Trends & Essentials: How to Wear Rain Boots and More

What are good outfits to wear on a rainy day? What are some cozy items to have that make a rainy day wonderful?! Scroll down to see

Los Angeles is having a wet spell! I never thought I'd say this, but its been raining nonstop here. And its COLD! What better thing to do than to stay inside and sip tea while you shop online right?! A girl can dream anyway. I've rounded up the best items to keep your feet warm, your heart warm and your soul filled with a beat-the-blues kind of glee that only happens when you follow natures prompting (the rain, hello) and take care of yourself.  Also, I picked a few different boots and my favorite way to wear them is with black leggings and a tunic, or coat...they can look cute with skinny jeans but be careful not to wear baggy, bootcut jeans.


Winter Looks 2019: Add a Pop of Red

This New Year has got me wanting to push the limits a little more...or better yet, a lot more. When I lived in New York I used to have way more fun with fashion. Over the past few years, my flare has died down a bit. Most people around me might disagree but whether its motherhood or getting older or the fact that I live in a sleepier part of LA, SOMETHING pulled me away from my funkier style. 

To be honest, I think it has a lot to do with where I live. It's easy to wear the mom uniform here of jeans and a shirt or workout clothes all day (and really what better way to inspire a quick trip to the gym?) But I just simply FEEL better and more like myself when I dress up and when I find clothes that most people around me likely wont wear (even if that brings on some looks). I mean I did have an older lady stare non-stop at my sequined booties the other day, and I'm pretty sure she didn't like them! Lol, it made me laugh though and brought me a sense of euphoria. Whats better than that? (See how easy I am to please?)

I'm not saying that the above picks are all wild and crazy, but I feel like red is my color this year and I want to have more fun with the way I dress. I also want that boldness to spread into my life. I want to take risks and push myself to do what scares me. Last year was a hard year and on the inside I retreated into a state of fear, anxiety and vulnerability and I need to snap out of that. 

So why not start with the color red? Baby steps right?!! LOL

I love the above jacket so much, I had to feature it alone! I need it in my life!

2019 is gonna be a great year!!

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Ready For New Years

Hi guys! Been busy busy busy over here getting ready for Christmas, New Years and packing for an upcoming trip... somewhere tropical!! I have been super attracted to anything glittery, so looks like I am all stocked up on fun New Years Eve accessories.
These earrings are all around my favorite. They are the perfect size, super big, but not overbearing.....

I normally wouldnt pick this nail color but now I think I'll wear it even after the holidays...

Anine Bing has the cutest boots ever! Everyone in my part of town seems to have the red ones, so I'm so happy I got the sparkly, glittery, no way you can miss these, blinding booties. And I LOVE them!

So there you have a few of my favorite sparkley things! Enjoy:)
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