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My Sparkly Bedroom:)

I looked FOREVER for artwork to go over our bed. We have kind of tall ceilings and nothing I purchased seemed to look right. Everything I REALLY liked was waaaaaaay too expensive, and I was starting to get flustered. I was already toying with the idea of a few mirrors, when I came across a picture of Kim Kardashian's bedroom (the one in her old house).  She had this antique looking panel of mirrors that took up the entire wall behind her bed. It looked so sparkly and glamourous. The only problem was that I already wallpapered this wall with a stunning light-reflective grasscloth, and I didn't want to cover up all my beautiful paper. I decided to start looking online for frameless mirros, so that I could arrange them on my wall to try to acheive the same glamourous look as Kim's. This is what I came up with! 

Frameless and lightweight, these are easy to hang and
 fun to decorate with!!
 I purchased mine on Check the site often as they tend to go in and out of stock. I also included a couple links to other online stores with similar mirrors:

You can do so much with this project. You can get creative and use different shapes and sizes or even different patterns. Because they are scattered, they reflect light so beautifully and add a special ambiance to any room:)


  1. I have decorated with mirrors as well and I simply LOVE what you, so pretty and appealing to the eye!

    Liesl :)

  2. what a nice looking bedroom! mine is such a mess.. we just moved about a month ago and my bedroom size cut in half :( needless to say, i have way too much stuff for my new tiny room, so now it's just a cluttered mess.


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