Wardrobe Malfunctions Solved

Fix Deodorant Streaks
You cant look put together when you have streaks of deodorant down your silk blouse. I recently started to use these dry sponges from Gal Pal. An abrasive dry sponge seems like such a basic concept, but its 10 dollars well spent, as I use them constantly and it removes every last trace of deodorant from my clothes. 

Keep your low neckline in place. Fix a hem. Bra straps stay put.
Ever wear one of those tops that you constantly keep tugging at or pulling up?
Matchsticks (pictured) and Hollywood Fashion Tape, are awesome double sided sticky strips that can fix almost any outfit malfunction. I use them all the time near my cleavage to keep my bra from showing in really drapey tops or dresses. I also have used them to temporarily fix a hem. I like to keep a few in my handbag just in case. Without these little sucker I would be S.O.L.


  1. How long are the sponges good for?

  2. They are re-usable. Just wash with soap and warm water if they get a little dirty over time:)


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