Blue Leather Pants from Italy

Top: Wink nyc 
Pants: Calzedonia (Italy) 
Wedges: Elie Tahari
Necklace and Ring: Mimi Jay

I LOVE my most recent purchases...probably because they are from my trip to Italy. These blue pants/leggings are  one of my faves!! Oh, and no, they aren't actually leather...

I'm a fan of this cozy sweatshirt with the sheer panel...makes the outfit FEEL comfy but LOOK dressy:) I think comfort pretty much ALWAYS plays a role in my outfit choices.

PS...the necklace shown is the first necklace I ever made. Its not everyone's style but its unique and so special to me because it took me FOREVER to make!! Everyone's gotta start somewhere, thank goodness I've moved on from those early days. When I wear it, it makes me smile;)

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  1. You look fabulous and what fun shoes too!

    Liesl :)

  2. Adore the leather-look leggings! I can't find a pair anywhere!

    I'd love if you would check out my blog , I'd love to see you among my followers!

    Sarah XXXX

  3. Following you too honey!

    Keep in touch!

    Sarah XXXX

  4. Wow I really love this outfit!! That top is amazing

  5. That is a really cute outfit especially your wedges, thanks for commenting my blog
    Now following

  6. I love items that make you feel comfy but looked dressy. I really like this outfit!

  7. Hey girl!! THank you so stopping by my blog!
    I want some leather pants SO BAD!! And blue ones, I love them!
    I love the necklace too.
    So are you still in school studying image consulting???
    Love the blog--I am now following!!


  8. O I'm totally loving this outfit! I love everything!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and following me! I'm following back! You have great style!

  9. omg i love these suede beautiful!



  10. Hi ! Finally joined : ). You look hot! Lovin the pants. What a fun outfit!! OMG, bought similar wedges...great minds think alike.


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