Deep Thoughts

Haha! This picture just looks so serious...It was taken on our last night in Cabo by the fire pit and my hubs was having fun playing with the camera. I decided to share some of my new years resolutions (aka deep thoughts)

1. To always keep in mind the quote on my side bar "Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind, dont matter and those who matter, don't mind." 
2. To remember that organization goes further than the closet...Its time for the rest of my life to be clutter free!!
3. To eat more fruit,  take my vitamins, and go to bed at a decent time
4. To be more focused on my goals and only commit to things i actually have time more trying to be super woman and making everybody else happy...(I've already been working on this one).

We hardly took any other pictures while we were on vactaion...we really were just to busy doing nothing!!! But here are a couple shots....

I love the purple cover up Im wearing in the second to last pic....that hat is just ok...EVERYONE at the pool had on the same hat as the one pictured below, and I almost bought one, but then decided I dont want to be another "ME TOO" kinda girl....they are cute hats though....its just, no joke....they were all black and white straw one even had a variation on color....Thats what I call a hot trend!!



  1. oh my gosh ! love the first and last picture!

  2. Wow, I loved Cabo when I went a few years ago. It was fabulous! I'm glad you had a nice relaxing vacation!

  3. Love your Side Bar. Cant wait to read more about your 2011!

  4. Didn't realize you were in Cabo. These are great pics! Love the one by the fire and poolside. Glad you had fun!

    What, you're not Superwoman?

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. Love the blog! Where did you stay in Cabo? Looks gorgeous!

  6. @ Jocelyn...its called Esperanza and it is incredible!!

  7. Hi dear! Thanks for your comment! What do you think about following each other?

    Kiss kiss


  8. The pic by the pool looks like a post card !! Beautiful ! I am a skin care specialist and you have beautiful, milky skin... Love the hat and cover up! Xxo

  9. Oh and for resolutions .... I agree with you on the SUPER WOMAN thing, ppl are never satisfied.. If we accomplish tasks and matters ourselves, there's no need to depend on others! This year do " YOU " ....

  10. thank you for your lovely comment :)
    you're so pretty !!
    love your blog :)


  11. i love vacations where you do nothing, they are the best

  12. I'm jealous, I would love to go to Cabo. These pictures are beautiful. That first one is my favorite.
    No Guilt Fashion
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. ahh very pretty beach pics, wish I was somewhere warm instead of in cold NY. cute hat & purple cover up - very appropriate for lounging by the pool!

  14. Great pictures! Love that stripey cover-up, so summery. I wish to go on holiday now,

    Rosie x

  15. ahhhhh esperanza, i knew it!! we were there for our honeymoon (my blog header pic location!), glad yall had a wonderful time! love fedoras, and your hat too!

  16. Hi again, just wanted to say that you sound pretty cool :) I appreciate you taking the time to comment on some of my posts; I figured that I might as well return the favor so I'm following you now!
    I plan on studying at FIT (I saw it in your profile). Hope to "see" you around!
    Xx Gabriella

  17. Great photo by the fire. Amazing!


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