Bathe Yourself in Beer this Super Bowl

A Beer Bath?

Its "SUPER BOWL SUNDAY" so why not? Many people are probably doing that in some sort of version or another today anyway;)

Enjoy! I hope your team wins!! 
(I can say that bc I don't really care who wins....can you tell I dont love football?)

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  1. haha i dont really care either. i dont even know whos playing :P

  2. Hey, I don't love football either, so yay us! I remember seeing on TV that somewhere in Europe there are pools filled with's warmed to a certain temperature so it's not freezing cold, and then you can go swim in the beer pool. Maybe it's good for the skin?

  3. lol! wow a beer bath? wonder if someone would get drunk taking a bath lol. but happy superbowl sunday! i dont really watch it :/, but i do love the halftime shows. my boyfriend's usually off watching the whole game haha.

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. @Kat I know whos playing only cuz my hubs has it on.
    @ Ashley I think it might be good for the skin, something about the enzymes in it or something? Not sure.
    @Kathleen would be interesting if it made you drunk!!

  5. hmmm never try beer bath but would love to try it lol, I know I'm weird..YAY for packers to win

  6. Oooh. Hubby LOVES himself some Guinness. I may have a fun V-Day gift for him now... ;)


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