Keeping it Real (well, the fur is fake...)

 So, to keep this blog real as can be, I decided to post pictures of an outfit I'm not loving as much as I thought. I loooooove the coat, but when I take it off.....major letdown. Yuck, I though this shirt was cool, but after looking at the photos it seems a bit blah to me.

I think I'm having the winter blues...I need color and this brown is not fulfilling that craving!

I think I need some inspiration. Time to go stare at my new shoes again!!!!


  1. The shirt is still cool!!! I think this blah weather is bringing you down...a nice look at the sparkly shoes will be just the ticket to lift your blues :)

  2. i actually really like yoru shirt! i think it's quirky, beautiful coat too :)


  3. I would stare at your shoes like 24 hours a day!! they are gorgeous, you prob can use some colorful accessories like a red belt or chunky necklace, I bet that will light up your day and outfit lol

  4. i feel the same way sometimes. i do love your top though. maybe tuck it in w/ jeans or trousers? xo

  5. I think we're all desperate for a season change cothes-wise which is why all the clothes in our closet are doing NOTHING for us at the mo! Hang on in there, Spring is just around the corner :)

  6. I actually love that shirt...the cut on the sleeves and the lining of the neck, sleeves and pocket is so well done. I also like the the way this shirt fits...I think it's a TEN. The Coat is awesome too. And while I'm at hair looks amazing in these pics!! Xoxo

  7. I think the shirt is cool! Preppy with edge because of the deep V.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  8. I think the shirt would go great with jeans or trousers.

  9. I think your outfit is pretty darn cute. If this is a bad outfit day then you are doing pretty good!


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