Fun Finds Friday

Frame 1:
Spring-in-your-Step-Heel - Ok, these are cool, not a hundred percent sure I'd wear them, but if YOU do, then I may have a new idol!!
Plastic Contrast Clutch - just love this color
Delight in the-Drizzle-Coat - a high-waisted trench that is a raincoat....perfection!!

Frame 2:

Peek-of-Petals-Tights - love them for spring
Elephant Scarf - reminds me of Jessica Alba for some reason
Studded Converse - Whoa, at this price you could probably just do DIY

Its Friday again? Bring it on baby!!

I start looking for my fun finds at the beginning of the week, and edit, and re-edit before the big debut...every week I like the current collection even more than the last! My fave find are the huge statement shoes...what about you? Would you wear them or are they a bit too much for you?

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  1. i love the bright color of the clutch - so spring-ready!

  2. I love the elephant scarf! It's really cute!

  3. I think I'd snag things with the shoes. Probably catch something and fall on my face. I like the tights and scarf! Anither thing on my list: a print of an animal. I still need to get an animal print item.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. wonderful style!

  5. Lovely frame nr.1 :)


  6. I love the shoes but I don't know if I could pull them off, the tights are fabulous!!

    Have a great weekend

  7. Heart those Converse! Studds are so flashy.

    <3 Cess O.

  8. Lovin' the Converse, I would totally Rock those!! The heels look like a statement shoe for that a broach or is it fabric!? I'd like to see these in person...

  9. frame 2 (L) specially the converse :D

  10. I like the heel of those shoes. The floral detail is a bit much but I love the idea.


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