Shine Serum Review: My New Favorite

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Serum

*I've tried it all and this is the shiniest my hair can ever get outside a salon

Shine, Shine and More Shine....Oh yeah, and smells AMAZING!

I'm officially OBSESSED!!! I waited a week to do this review (you can see by the level of the serum in the bottle, that I've been using this often). I wanted to be sure to give an honest, fully informed review about my own experience.

Non-greasy I can literally apply and re-apply ALL DAY if I want.
Amazing Scent My hubs loves it and everyone thinks its perfume...very clean smelling, not heavy.
The Shine is OUT OF CONTROL Its no wonder they call it liquid diamonds!! (And I'm a blonde, imagine how much shine it would give a brunette!)
Smoothes frizz and fly-aways, and does it really, really well!

Hard to find but I got it on Amazon.
Makes it hard to hold any wave or curl because it almost makes the hair too smooth!!

***careful not to style with heat after application as I think it may be flammable....when I put the blowdryer over one section of hair the room smelled a bit like something was burning...I now only use it AFTER heat styling as my last step.

I can't tell you how in love I am with this product!!! 
Have any of you ever tried it?

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  1. I love when I find a new product :)

  2. I've never tried it but I'm obsessed with stuff that makes my hair shiny. I've been using Organix Coconut Milk which is pretty good but I have to be careful or it ends up looking greasy!


  3. Love this- have you tried Moroccan oil?! Makes your hair super shiny, too : )

  4. Awesome! I had a bottle of shine serum that I LOVED, but of course I used it so often it was gone in a matter of weeks (maybe days...you know how it goes!). Was this expensive? It looks like it would be...but it also looks like it's worth it!

  5. YES! Thanks for sharing this awesome secret...I am always on the hunt for shine products. They are ALWAYS greasy...so I'm glad to read that this is not! YAY!

  6. i have this one either..

    and i love the smell.. great post :)

    check out my blog whenever you have a chance
    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  7. @Ashley, no its not too bad, considering others that are way more. I got it on Amazon for 14.99!

    @Julie and Lauren, I have tried Moroccan oil and I love the smell and it very moisturizing, but I'm loving the shine much better from this product


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