Where Are they When you Need Them?

Preston needs this raincoat!!!

Today was rainy and nasty! I got stuck in the rain with a friend and I am finally home, enjoying my couch and about to eat a warm plate of comfort food. There were no cabs around until we were almost to her apartment...go figure!

Both of us had cheapy umbrellas, and noted this one woman with the perfect all-encompassing umbrella like the one pictured above...I need to get this asap. Being stuck in new york with no cabs in sight and a crappy umbrella that keeps flipping inside-out, is not so great...and on top of it, my soaked boots didnt do my wood floors much good...I love the boot tray above, and need to get on that asap!

Thank goodness for the internet!!!

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  1. THat Lulu Guiness umbrella is beautiful - however I use a tiny TOTE brand one I have in my bag at all times. It's so small it's just perfect....


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