LA Looks

What I Wore:

My Outfit
Sheer Top: Asos
Denim: J Brand Maternity
Boots: Dolce Vita
Scarf: Splendid
Bracelet: J Crew Sale

Its been over a week since I was in L.A.  I really enjoyed the weather and had a chance to show off my sheer top form Asos. Its probably something I wont get to wear until Spring here in ny.

I'm embracing the Holiday Season though, so I'm really ok with chilly weather this time of year, although today was exceptionally warm for late november...I think it was like 60 degrees out!!

Tomorrow night some friends and I are going to the Christmas Philharmonic, and the hubby and I have already gotten our Christmas tree. The other things on my to do list this season, (besides the obvious holiday shopping), are to go see the window displays at the department stores, watch the skaters at Rockefellar center, and check out the big tree.

This is such a fun time of year!!

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  1. You look beautiful and what fun and cozy looking boots! How exciting that you have your tree and are going to the Christmas Philharmonic! I'm off to NYC this week for the holidays and can't wait to get to Rockefeller Center, as always, and do some window shopping!

    Liesl :)

  2. Sounds like you have so many fun Holiday festivities to look forward to! I treasure my memories of NY at Christmas. :)

    Lookin' super cute, lady!

  3. I would enjoy L.A too. Bet the weather isn't bad. Lovely card. You look great.

  4. very cute outfit. The LA weather sounds amazing. Much better than the cold and snow.

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  5. your photo are amazing and your look is always trendy!
    nice blog!! I really enjoyed this post!
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    have a wonderful day

  6. I live in LA and this is such a perfect look. I hope you enjoyed your time here!! Great blog.


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