Not Just for Kids?

Seems there's a whole other meaning to the idea of animal prints, and its not just for kids either:

When I was in middle school, I owned a green sweatshirt that had a big furry bear smack in the center. I LOVED it! As an adult, I have felt some shame for that fashion choice, although now I see that it may have a been beneficial to hang on to it...maybe I was just ahead of the trend??? 

Hmmm, I think I'm glad I tossed it, although the owl top is kindo of cute and I could totally wear the animal inspired jewelry....

Whats your opinion of this trend?Leave it for the kids? Or is this one for us all?

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  1. I'm kind of enjoying the animals on some things, but not are so right on it being a different tike on animal print! Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend!

    Liesl :)

  2. Well, I, too, owned an animal sweater and am SO glad I don't have it anymore. However, that owl shirt is adorable. plus, I am loving those bear earrings..


  3. i like the animals! it's fun and unique. i especially like the jewelry. i have an owl ring but it gets too small for me when i'm hot and my fingers swell. tmi? haha

    instead of an elephant

  4. They are definitely not just for kids.
    I really like the Owl Animal Prints.
    District of Fashion

  5. I think the owl sweater is the only one I would wear, it is really cute and maybe a bit more subtle then the others!!

  6. I would totally wear the owl sweater, and MAYBE the deer sweater. What I really think is a sin against adulthood though is when grown-ups wear shirts or sweaters with Disney characters (unless it's a vintage Mickey tee).

  7. I think the animal tote bags would be cute for a teacher... And I think the jewelry and owl top is cute, but I'm not too crazy about the other tops. I guess I like my animal prints a little smaller and not so . . . in your face. lol


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