A Little Bit Different

I recently went to Hawaii and bought this cover-up at the Target there....

I think it might actually be a robe, but I loved the print and the sheer quality to it. I just rolled up the sleeves and it looked way less robe-ish. You can get it here.
We had such a great time, though I have to admit that with a baby, its  a TOTALLY different type of vacation. The first few days we had NO IDEA what to do because it seemed like Baby Beaux was not on much of a schedule. Looking back, I have to laugh at ourselves because we kept looking at eachother, like "We made it to Hawaii with our 3 mo old, NOW WTF DO WE DO?!"

Luckily we got him on a schedule and he actually napped for about 3.5 hours every day in the shade. I was crazy about shading him and keeping him cool. Thankfully, there was a ton of breeze and the temp was high 70's to low 80's.  Even under the shade I freaked out about uv rays so I bought him a UV protective blanket and some baby sunglasses (baby eyes need protection too!)...

Maybe I'm nuts, but at least I can sleep at night:)


  1. That dress/robe is so perfect for the summer. Love it!

  2. Stylish baby with his sunglasses! I seen that robe/cover-up...the print is fun!

  3. Awww baby is adorable! He's so chill. The cover up has pretty prints. Bet it's pretty comfy too. I dream of Hawaii everyday. Really want to visit.

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  4. You look awesome!! Your baby is precious :)) xx

  5. I love your comment 'maybe I'm nuts ,but at least I can sleep at night'. It really sums up my parenting style.

  6. You're just like me. I used to be a freak about sun protection for my kids. This year I've been spraying/coating them with 50 SPF but they are outside and in the water so much they are still getting tan and it's driving me nuts!! I feel like a baby mommy but I just can't keep them 100% protected.

    The retinol in that Neutrogena is not harsh and you will not get irritated skin from it!

  7. Oh my has that cutie gotten big. I give you credit for traveling with beaux..,glad it all went smoothly. You look fabulous in that target robe dress hybrid!

  8. OMG Hawaii with a baby ! You guys are my heroes :)
    I love the cover up - i'd probably wear it with a tank and jeans too.
    Beaux has grown so MUCH - now that is a cute baby.

  9. He is SUCH a cutie!! But I couldn't help but laugh... vacations really are different with a baby, aren't they? lol I can't believe you have a 3-month old! I wish I looked as good as you did three months after having the kids!


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