Saturday Stuff & Birthday Gifts

This tank is from TJ Maxx...I'm more proud of the bargains in my closet than of any of the "status-y" type things.
This clutch was a bday present from my mom - her taste is impeccable these days;)

And my hubs taste? Don't even get me started...he picked this necklace out for my bday. I LOVE IT!

My mom also got me this candle... its soy wax so it's easier on Baby Beauxs sweet little lungs:)

I love great gifts and material things as much as the next person. But no matter how much fun it is to open presents...

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.
Albert Einstein

I certainly hope to instill these values in my son...because in the 34 years I've lived on this earth, it has never been the material things that bring me true joy, but rather confidence and peace within myself and my relationships with others that truly make me happy. And coincidently, when I am happy is when I give the most of myself;)

Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. Happy birthday! Love the necklace your husband gave you!

  2. What a fantastic quote. Albert Einstein is smart in all kinds of ways. Your mom's gift is exquisite. Love the color and texture.
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  3. Happy Birthday Mimi!! I see that you had a good one. Very nice gifts you got, but most important is to share with your family and loved ones. I agree with you: it is better to give than to receive.
    Enjoy your day. It is gorgeous out :)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Love the necklace and that cute TJ blouse!!

  5. i love the top!
    now following your lovely blog :)

    follow back?

  6. I read this post and saw the top AFTER you had worn it and styled it... i have to say that the lace top as is is nice but you took it to the next level by the way you styled it - it doesnt even look like the same garment.
    I love a bargain, it's like finding a treasure - and i could not agree more. The real stuff that makes you happy and serene cannot be touched or materialized.

  7. On any gift giving occasion, it's better to give gift than to receive...The color you choose is so fit to the occasion...The effort you made is easy to follow.

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