Whats Old is New Again

My oldie but goodie:

Recent internet findings (multi-colored trends) support my theory on keeping an oldie but a goodie. Below are some of the many multi-colored/black items I've been seeing all over the place:
                            Earrings                                                        Skirt

                             Clutch                                                   Necklace 

You know how most stylists or image consultants will tell you to throw away an item if you havent worn it in over a year? I normally stick to this rule. However, I own this adorable multicolored tank top, and I havent worn it in 2 years. I hung on to it out of instinct and also out of the fact that I really do love it. I just never wore it...but after seeing this black/multicolor look everywhere, I'm excited to wear it again.

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  1. when i don't wear my a certain clothes for a long period of time
    what i do is i'll just give it to someone :)

    new follower here,.. luv ur blog

  2. I cannot wait to see how you are going to style that tank this summer! I am in lust with that necklace!!

  3. I love that tank--good thing you held on to it! I used to follow that rule, but now I'll break it if it's something I just know I'll wear again. For me it's usually a gut-feeling decision.

  4. Good thing you did not follow the "rule" - i just got rid of a 10 year old suit that i had not worn in 3 years.... i take forever to get rid of things.


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