Dress: Heartloom Vest: All Saints Boots: Frye Earrings: Mimi Jay

This is the second time I style this dress with a vest over it...the 1st time was Here.

Since I've been so into layering bracelets, I took a close up of my arms today. Accessories and outerwear (i.e vest, jackets, cardigans) really make an outfit.

I also took a close up of my earrings because I made them.  I usually wear studs, but I'm going to make an effort to change my earrings out more.

I have yet to wear the dress alone without anything over it. Its a beautiful silhouette, but I guess it just feels boring when I put it on. Although the model looks amazing in it (of coarse):

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  1. Great job with those fabulous earrings! I live how the vest controls the flowyness of the dress!!

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous Mimi !
    and i like how you layered this dress, the cherry on the top is the bracelets. I can never wear them on both wrists and feel right - yours look marvelous.


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