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Top: All Saints, Leather Pants: BlankNYC (Here), Bracelet: Noir (Here), Shoes: Zara, Bag: Chanel

All Saints is my favorite place for black, grey and white clothing. Their trends are always just the right amount of wild, and they always keep their cuts and prints classy. Unfortunately this top isnt available online or I would give you the link.

The outnet is a great place for statement jewelery that you like but never want to quite spend so much money on. My bracelet is Noir and they seem to always have some of their styles on sale at the outnet.

And if you're looking for faux leather pants that are affordable, BlankNYC is the way to go. I've bought more expensive brands and they tend to sag in the bum. BlankNYC fits like a glove, and I dont have to spend all night pulling up my waistline.

Leather PantsBracelet          

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  1. Love the color of your Chanel classic flap bag! Such an awesome color to add to the collection! Great outfit ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – New Post: Cali Dreamin' –

  2. Amazing!
    Even the hose behind is matching! Perfect!

  3. nice look!

    follow each other?? let me know!

  4. wow,amazing look,great outfit.Pls post more! Shall we follow each other? I love comment and browse blogs I followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~

  5. Love how the emerald of the bag bookend your sandals.

  6. Love your look! :)
    Fantastic bag and heels!


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