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Amazing fall pieces update a tired closet.

1This bag looks ladylike and edgy and is such a great color for fall.
2With this watch I wouldnt need to wear much other jewelery. It really IS a statement watch:)
3The thing I love about these pants is the minimal gold stripe that takes a regular black pant up to a whole new level.
4This bracelet might be the only thing I'd pair with the statement watch above. The mixed metals tone it down a bit, but its still got the right amount of bling.
5This black top is so unique. Usually I see lace or leather around the shoulders. I like the effect it gives when its done on the sleeves and midriff. 
6This dress is the perfect silhouette for those who want to make the waist appear slim and the leather takes away some of the prissiness.
7These pumps are a great pattern to wear with any outfit that already has eye catching statements adding just the right amount of flair without overdoing it. So classy!

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  1. Beautiful wishlist. Love the burgundy dress and clutch bag. :)

  2. Olá!!!, Deus seja contigo, tenha um final de semana abençoado, amiga
    belo blog post maravilhoso SUCESSO AMIGA.

  3. the watch is awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here you have my last blog post’s link in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM kisses!

  4. I am a fossil girl but I love that watch!


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