Look of the Day: Red Leather

Red leather (or in this case, pleather), happens to be a look I only pull out on occasion, but I don't know why. Perhaps they draw too much attention..
This cuff has been my only splurge on costume jewelry (unless its made by me), and I got it on sale anyway. You can find the link for it in my collage below. Erikson Beamon makes amazing stunners: 
And below is my latest creation...this necklace took forever to get just how I wanted it.

Sadly, I wore this look while trying to avoid an evil eye or two...
I decided to make a stop into the dollar store, to grab wrapping paper.  This particular dollar store is not one I care to have attention drawn to me in (and I was already wearing these bright red pants), but low and behold Beaux had an all out screaming meltdown. People were looking at me like I mustve beaten the crap out of him for him to be screaming that wholeheartedly. He was flailing his whole body and kicking and hitting me on the head. Nothing but a nap could get me out of this one. We left the cart full of things and just took off!
Good times. 

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  1. Love the red! It would be perfect for a Christmas get together!

  2. nice outfit! loving th epants and really loving your necklace!

  3. To be honest I´m a bit jealous regarding your wonderful pants, I wanted just to order these pants, but unfortunately it looks like as they are sold out ... I love your complete look really, please wear it very often, it looks so great on you!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Oh yes, the necklace looks just as spectacular as i pictured it when worn.


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