Instead of Botox


1. Dermologica Microfoliant: I think everyone knows this: You HAVE to exfoliate if you want to reproduce healthy skin cells. This is my favorite exfoliater ever, and you can use it daily so make-up goes on nice and smooth. Oh, and I have sensitive skin yet its never been a problem using every day.
2. Frownies: This is probably my number one botox evader. I put the "sticker" in-between my brows when I sleep. Crazy? Maybe. But it lessons the severity of my elevens (aka the 2 vertical lines bn the brows), and my frown lines.
3. Clarins Double Serum: Plumping up the face with hyaloronic acid and other antiaging vitamins fill up the skin and reduce depth of lines and wrinkles. Clarins has won awards for this serum. It gives my skin the perfect amount of added moisture, and I put it under my daily moisturiser.
4. Dermologica Solar Defense Booster: I like this one bc its SPF 40 and it mixes nicely with my moisturizer. In fact, its called a "booster" because its meant to mix with moisturizer. (Click on the link and use code BBTAKE20 for 20% off).
5. Fish Oil Capsules: As important as surface hydration is, internal hydration is even more important. Drinking lots of water is good, taking fish oil to internally hydrate is better. Plus, its good for a slew of other health reasons, ie heart health, liver function, etc.
6. Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion: This is kind of a only temporarily reduces lines, but its nice to use on days you are sleep deprived and dehydrated.
7. Dermologica Multivitamin Power Serum: Works like a retinol, meaning it stimulates collagen production (which as we know is important in your late twenties and on) and can dramatically improve fine lines. I use it instead of a retinol because my skin is so sensitive, and I only put it wear my lines are. 

Other things to consider: 
*incorporating anti-oxident supplements; ie concentrated green tea capsules, resveratrol capsules (the antioxident found in red wine), to name a few.
**Excersising daily which gets oxygen flowing and thus allowing for better collagen producing capabilities.
***Sunscreens, Hats, UV protective clothing (available at, and more sunscreen.

I've been very happy with this skincare routine for the last year or so and it seems to produce results.

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  1. These sound like great products, I could do with something for around my eyes :) Have a lovely weekend xx

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