I actually woke up this morning with a noticeable chunk of hair cut way short and sticking up on top of my head...

What is going on?! My toddler is 2 and doesnt yet know how to get out of his crib (or does he and hes ridiculously intelligent enough to use scissors). My husband is in his thirties he playing some sort of joke on me?! Is he getting back at me for my numerous flaws and occasional wrong doings?! Do I sleep walk? Or in this case sleep-haircut?

This is seriously WEIRD! All I can think of that will keep my husband and my child out of the dog house is that I may have, possibly, completely accidentally and unknowingly burned it off using a round brush last night...We were in quite a rush to make a dinner reservation and I was very distracted because said 2 year old did not want to stop crying and DID NOT want the sitter or anyone else to put him to bed.  Hmmmm...I guess I'll never know.


  1. I think it was Beau… and you're looking great in those shades.

  2. I love your shirt - polka dots are always fun!
    Hmm, it could end up being a misery. I did have my hair a bit too close to our gas flame a few weeks ago and had to hack it off. Perhaps the flat iron is the culprit as well then?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Cute cardigan and I really love your shirt.
    Beautiful style :)


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