The Littlest Things

These are some of the little things that made me happy this week! We had a great Easter and I spent the week working on jewelry and catching up with friends.

The only image that needs greater explanation here is the one of Miss Lillys Secrets Cookies. She founded the company when she was volunteering at Meals on Wheels and discovered that many of the Seniors were sharing their meal with their beloved dogs because they couldnt afford to buy dog food for them. This meant that both doggie and Senior mom or dad, were not getting enough to eat. She donates a portions of her proceeds to this cause and her cookies really are delicious and healthier than the average cookie. Plus your heart feels better about yet another cookie purchase. I found mine at Whole Foods:)


  1. So true! It's the little things that make us happy. Love everything and I would buy these cookies too if we had them over here. Love that they are for a good cause!

    xx Mira

  2. Aww, everyone has indeed simple joys! and Miss Lilly's Secrets doing a good job! I hope a lot of people gets to buy their product since it would be for a good cause. :)


  3. That's a precious photo of you and your boy!

  4. So really is the little things and moments that matter most. Gorgeous picture of you and your boy, so sweet xx

  5. Beautiful post. What a gorgeous picture of you and your boy together.

  6. I love things that make me happy! These treasures are awesome. Enjoy them! Love that necklace and what a beautiful frame.

  7. Supergas!! Want a pair for myself too, but will have to wait til I save up enough money lol

    Love lots, your new follower

    Erika from STYLE AND SUNDRY

  8. Oo, I have been drooling over supergas and converse all spring - it might be time for me to finally buy a pair! Plus, the story behind those cookies is so sweet - I'll have to get some :)


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