Casual Clothes Need Jewelry Too

While my little boy was frolicking in the sand this weekend, my sweet husband took some shots of me modeling my jewels.

I usually make statement necklaces, but not every outfit I wear can support that kind of bling. That is why I've started making some "quieter" jewelry that still makes a statement, but in a much more subtle way. Its the kind of stuff I can throw on with a sweatshirt or hoodie and feel like I at least somewhat styled my look for the day. 

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  1. Wow you look so put together for just hanging out at the beach :)
    The small jewellery accents are just perfect, isn't it great that you can make something for yourself ?
    I am working on a dress right now and i have never sewed before...

  2. So lovely doll, I think wearing things like this makes casual look so much better!! xx

  3. Agree! Love your necklace and bracelet. Simple, yet makes a beautiful statement.


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