Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit For Your Body

Recently I've gone to some events and seen that one girl at each  who got it so right. She isn't dressed like everyone else, yet her attire couldnt be better suited for the occasion. What is she wearing? A ridiculously well-fitting jumpsuit with great shoes and an awesome clutch. I've found myself wishing I had thought to wear a jumpsuit and I'm normally quite happy with my choices of attire.

A couple key notes that can make or break this look. 
1. If your're not super tall and slim, choose a small inseam. The ones with extra long inseams make some people look like they have something not so comfortable going on under there, and that can put a diaper, damper on the situation.
2. If you are attempting to look long and lean, choose a jumpsuit that bypasses the waist, or that sits higher than the natural waist. 
3. Choose your shoes carefully. Heels are probably your best bet but again, if your tall and slender flats can look adorable too. 

I just bought this jumpsuit, but I'm in love with this one as well as this one here

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  1. Great tips! Jumpsuits are not for me, I'm much too short, but I do admire them on other people, like in your inspiration pictures some people can really rock the look! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. What a coincidence ! I just wore a jumpsuit this weekend out for drinks.
    Someone came up to me and asked to take my picture, which makes me think the outfit worked.

  3. Love the first one, so cute. I have a couple jumpsuits, I love them :))) Have a great weekend doll xx


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