Summer Maxi Dresses for Every Occasion & Every Body

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The maxi dress is my go to outfit all summer. Its so easy to throw on and looks so put together. And for me, I can get away with not having to wear maternity clothes as long as I stick to a loose fit, like the ones pictured above. The best part is I can wear them through most of the pregnancy.  Number 4 is perfect for a night out or  dinner party and although number 6 is meant to be a beach cover up, I'll probably throw it on over a long white slip and wear it everywhere! 

A baby bump definitely does change the look and fit of these dresses, but since they are so loose and breezy, no one seems to notice that I'm not wearing maternity wear. Granted I'm 6 months along, and maybe by the 9th month I'll be pulling out full on tents to cover my growing belly, but it worked for me last pregnancy and I never bought maternity clothes. Other than a nice pair of maternity jeans and lots of inexpensive leggings in a larger size (or 2) I'm convinced that maternity clothing is not completely necessary. The best part of online shopping is if it doesn't work, you just send it back at no cost to you! Go to my numbered links for free shipping and free returns:)

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  1. OMG already 6 months in !
    I'd day maxi dresses work well, I have seen other bloggers work with them throughout their maternity and they always looked so polished.. and not constraint.


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