Update and a White Dress

Been a while since I posted an outfit...
This was taken over the weekend, and I feel like it looks like we are in some exotic island. But nope, it's where I live! And to think, I used to be so sad about leaving New York! Now I couldnt be happier in Los Angeles, and I feel like its a great lifestyle for our family.

I had to post this white dress because it is so flattering for covering a post baby belly can wrap the tie in such a way that it hides or accentuates. Not only that, I love the double layer effect at the knee line. Makes it sooooo not boring and very unique!
Shop the look below:
Fedora//Dress //Sunglasses// Sandal//Tote


  1. What an incredible place! That view is spectacular. I love that outfit as well. You look gorgeous :)

  2. It's great to still see you, even though its from time to time :)
    Your baby is so cute -
    Looking as fab as ever and wow - aren't you lucky to live in a place that looks like a vacation spot ?


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