Post Holiday Home Refresh For Mood and Mental Health

Did you know that sprucing up your environment can have a positive impact on your mood and mental health? According to Science Daily "Neurobiologists have known that a novel environment sparks exploration and learning." (If this sounds interesting to you, you can read about it here.) 

Is it just me or does the house feel a bit stale after the holidays? 

Come to think of it, LIFE always seems to feel a bit stale after the holidays. Perhaps that's why New Years Resolutions were invented. Overindulgence tends to lead to a very "blah" feeling after a while. And believe me, my family definitely overindulged! Peanut butter cookies, toffee, hot chocolate, wine, champagne, eggnog...UGH! And it was a whole month of it! It was just all too much, and now its time to rejuvenate and refresh.

Eucalyptus in the house is a staple for my family after the              holidays.  I tend to buy it in every form. The dried bunchesoilfoot soaksdiffusers, and candles. Its scent is stimulating and refreshing. Perfect for the post holiday winter blues. 

I also find that natural cotton plants and wreaths are a nice post holiday decor item that feels clean and fresh. This Wreath is the perfect eye candy for the first thing you see when you walk into your house!

White baskets are a great tool for post holiday sorting, purging, and organizing. Plus they are lovely to look at. 

And any new artwork or photography will add a touch of novelty to your home. I love these framed prints.


  1. Thank you for your comment I was so happy to read you !
    Great to see you're back.
    I actually have a cotton plant, its flowering right now so the idea of a cotton wreath is something I might just try !

  2. With my white wash obsession, I want everything here... just loving it all.


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