Tie Front Dress Worn as a Blouse

So I promised to post this dress, worn as a blouse but the day we took photos ended up being so overcast and foggy that I debated waiting until I wear the outfit again to take more pictures. But then it kind of seemed cool and I LOVED my boys messy hair and the fact that he was ACTUALLY looking at the camera. Since I rarely post photos of my munchkins, I thought this would be a nice opportunity.

 This is not a cut-out picture of us. It's actually that the fog was THAT thick that day!

I find that I wear pants so much, and the material is thin enough to tuck in, but this is actually very cute as a dress as well:
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  1. Its been a while since I've worn a dress as a shirt. Your post is a good reminder that garments can be worn several ways.
    AND oh wow, it is quite foggy.


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