How to Look Cool When Your Carrying Around Tons of "Stuff"

Let's face it, with the major amounts of Ben Franklins us girls throw down for handbags these days, can we really afford to bust them up and wear them out by carrying everything but the kitchen sink in them?

Between my notebooks, huge water jug, snacks for the day, umbrella, book to read on the train, and endless amounts of other purposeful items I need for my just doesnt make any sense to jam pack my beautiful Balenciaga and put it at risk for early retirement.

Thats where these cutie totes come in, and in case your as sick of Le Sport Sac as I am, above are some fresh options to carry proudly along with your gorgeous arm-candy as you scurry through your busy days.

Oh...just keep in mind that you can look a bit sloppy when carrying 2 types of bags, so remember: it looks best to have one that goes across the body and one that can be held like a tote. Bags of the same length will lead you to look even more bogged down.

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