Some Facials in Nyc

I always like to try new places. Places with the latest and greatest products, and technology. Unfortunately, its not always easy to find top notch spas that actually give you a great, relaxing facial, AND help you on your way to gorgeous skin.

Right now my favorite spot for facials is in Tribeca. I know I'm working with a great esthetician, when people start complementing my skin tone after just a few sessions with a particular facialist (facialist, is that even a word)? Anyway, Euphoria on Harrison St. is my #1 go to spot right now for gorgeous skin. The reasons are because 1. my girl is off the hook, amazing 2. I get the "Hydrafacial" (even if you don't live in ny, many spas across the country are starting to carry this collagen plumping miracle) and 3. She sold me on some products that actually work for my complexion.

I swear my pores our tight and my skin GLOWS:)

Okay, I've also had the "Oxygen Facial" done at both Bliss Spa and Aphrodite skincare. Honestly, all I can say The facials are both called "oxygen" but the one at Aphrodite is the real deal, at least it lasts longer and Madonna swears by this type...I don't know who Madonna goes to but there have been some write-ups in magazines about it. It seems really high tech and weird. It doesn't feel good, but doesn't hurt either. I noticed some improvement in skin tone, and REALLY enjoyed the facials at Aphrodite. The owner does the facials herself there, and she spends a TON of time educating her clients on proper skin care.
Bliss facials seem kind of froo-froo, and they do not spend much time educating ther customers. They are nice and relaxing though, and out of all the facials I've had in the city (and I've had alot), Bliss has the best lounge to relax in and super yummy cookies and brownies to snack on. So if you're looking for atmosphere, Bliss is your best bet, as both Aphrodite and Euphoria are much smaller and less lux.

I will keep posting more about other facials. I think its always good to compare notes, especially in a city as big and with as many choices as Manhattan.

Euphoria Day Spa
18 Harrison St
nyc 10007

Aphrodite Skincare
811 Lexington Ave
nyc 10011

Bliss Soho
568 Broadway 2nd Floor


  1. Ever been to Parkland, Fl?? Natura Med Spa??? With the Top Notch Esthetican, SARAH???? Huh?? Maybe try there first before you Blog about your amazing HydraFacial......remember you travel a ton and can pop into NATURA MED SPA and get a VIBRADERM which will also plum your skin with hylauronic acid to creat collagen and have you on your way to GLOWing Skin as well love!!!!

  2. Yes! I have heard fantastic things about that spa...that esthetician Sarah though? She'sbad news!! Heehee:)
    Although I will be sure to try out the vibraderm here in ny, I'd love to come visit you and have you do it FO FREE!!


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