The HOTTEST Summer Sandals 2010 (IMO)

These Miu Miu Sandals are so beautiful. Will I ever purchase them? (Sigh) Nope. But man, they make me drool. Literally, I salivate just looking at them. Oh, but there is so much more I can do for the 610$ these babies cost:( 

What about spending a mere 375$ on these beauties by TAPEET? 
Nope. I wont be buying these either. UGGGH! I wish!
 But if you only buy one pair of sandals this season, I'd be super jealous if you were rocking these!! Even if you wore them every day all summer long!

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  1. OOOHHHH Bloddy hell!!! Cough it up, why don't ya!!! The 2nd pair of Tapeet shoes are pretty amazing! Would rather spend $375 on those any day! Can we have lunch sometime???????????????


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