Should I Use a Primer Under my Make-up?

Um, the answer is .......YES, HELL YESSSSS!  I will never not use primer ever again. Yes, it is an added step in your morning routine, but come on peeps, it only takes 2 seconds! If you're really that bothered with the extra time it takes, then do what i do: take out your moisturizer, primer, and foundation and take all the lids off at once and line 'em up on your counter. Then simply apply each in the assembly line. Once finished applying put all caps on and throw'em back in your makeup bag or drawer.  Does this really save time? Well, I think so, rather than take off lid-apply-put on lid, put in drawer, it seems to save at least a millisecond...I SWEAR!!

Benefits of using a makeup primer:
1.  Lengthen the amount of time your makeup stays put
2. Smooths out the appearance of fine lines or even scars by filling them in, creating a perfect surface to apply foundation
3. May help reduce the appearance of Large pores
4. Can control excess oil but also nourish dry skin
5. Can create a barrier for cosmetics so they wont clog your pores
6. Even out skin tone

Using primers:
1. Apply after moisturizer and sunscreen, and before foundation
2. Always use with sunscreen because can actually make your skin more sensitive to burning
3. Sweep the primer in an upward motion to really get it into your pores (always sweep make-up in a downward motion so that it wont clog pores)

Which primer to use?
Read reviews!!! Yes, I know, another thing to do that takes time, but at the end of the day you are saving time. Would you rather not read reviews and then wake up one morning to a beautiful solar systems of zits lining your cheekbone?  Ew.

ALL PRIMERS ARE NOT MADE EQUAL. Some will clog one persons pores while making another persons skin look radiant. That is why when you read these reviews pay attention to what the reviewer classifies as their skin type and age group.  The best place to find these detailed reviews is on You may need to become a member to get product reviews but its free and they don't send any annoying emails, so its all good.

Also make sure that when you try your new primer, that you only use it on one small part of your face for a few days and see what happens. I did this with Sephora brand primer (using it only on my left cheek for a few days) and guess what??? MASSIVE pimples. I should have just stuck with my smashbox primer but I got a free sample of the sephora:( oops. Next time I'll know that if it ain't broke don't fix it. If your skincare routine is great, and you're loving how your skin looks, DO NOT  let the allure of a free sample take you off track.

Oh, and dont forget that some primers are specialty primers: meaning they do more than one job. The green primers mask redness, some have spf in them, do a lil research and you will be wearing your primer with fantastic results...and don't forget

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