Cover Dark Under Eye Circles

Unforunately, I've found that one lonely product in the make-up ailse is not going to do much for under eye circles. You really have to combine a few different products and do a little experimenting with what works...
My Formula:
1. Khiels Avocado Eye Cream: creates moisture to help plump up the skin and most importantly...its got a slightly green tint to it...
2. Giorgio Armani eye concealer "Master Corrector" : This one is pink, which helps cancel out black as well. I found if i use the pink tinted concealers alone, it doesnt look natural...AT ALL
3. MAC under eye concealer  "Moisture Cover" ..this is skin color but slightly lighter...mixed with the pink and the green from the moisturizer, my black circles dis-appear!

Lastly...line your eyes with a light reflecting shadow or eye-liner...I use "kitten" by Stilla Cosmetics (shown in the picture above)
***This step is only necessary if you REALLY look exhausted

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