How to Pull off the Trend: Leopard Prints

Intermix store window

Sometimes I dont feel comfortable following trends, even if they look great in the magazines or on other people. Leopard print is sooooo not my personality, but I passed by a coat that made me want to change my mind. 

Intermix online picture

Here's my rational
This coat is really interesting because it doesn't look as flattering in this picture as it does in the store window I passed by the other day. The main reason why I liked it so much better in the store window is because the print is reversed.  All black with tan spots is more universally flattering to begin with and it also seems a little less in your face. The online picture screams leopard, while the window version is mild and not so in your face. 
The other reason seeing it in the store window made me like it so much is because when shown open rather than buttoned it seams less overwhelming. I don't want to be a  leopard, I just want to incorporate the look. 

Moral of the story: You can almost always wear some version of a trend, even if its slightly tweaked....

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  1. You're right!!! Animal print can be scary, and I'm not one to pull it off....BUT reversing the print could really work!!!


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