Look Who I Met in San Francisco!! Lia Kes:)

Lia Kes store in San Fran's Cow Hollow

On a recent trip to San Francisco with some friends, I stumbled on a store that took my breath away. I walked in and literally wanted EVERYTHING. When the lovely sales lady told us that a lot of the things we were looking at were on sale, I was ecstatic!  Despite my desire to yell out "I'll take one of everything", I tried on only two things...I had a feeling that my wallet was going to suffer in this store because of my instant attraction.

Well, I was right to only try on the two items, although now I wish I had just splurged and bought more of what I wanted (hey, I was on vacation, you only live once). I loved how the fabric felt and how it draped perfectly over every inch. I thought, "Damn, this designer knows how to dress me!" But wait, all of  a sudden when I told the woman how great the store was, she introduced herself as the designer...Lia Kes. Pretty cool to just randomly meet the designer, huh?

Anyway, you've probably seen some of her stuff before. This blue dress was recently featured in US Weekly (the one on Sofia Vergara):
Or, remember this one on Hayden?
Some Images from her Web site (

This is Fall 2010...I want this dress!
Fall 2010 again...I love this skirt! is what I bought.....drumroll please...;-)

Just the top is Lia Kes, the pants are
actually G-star!
The shoes kinda go with the back of the


Love the leather detailing

 I'd normally accessorize, but for this purpose I wanted to show the beauty in the simplicity of her designs. What do you guys think? Do you wear a lot of accessories no matter what you have on? The more the better? Or do you use them to showcase a particular element in your outfit?

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