Slightly Sweet :-)

Lately I've been dressing more girly. I wonder if it has anything to do with my wedding anniversary? We just celebrated our 5 year mark, which for us isn't that crazy because we've been together for 12!! Anyway....

The weird thing is, I usually avoid dressing to sweet and romantic here in the city because I feel slightly vulnerable walking down the street wearing pink in a city engulfed in gray and black. I haven't gone so far as bows and pearls, in fact, I'm not even really wearing any pink. But, I am wearing pretty flowy shirts or dresses, and letting my hair dry into a wavy mess. On top of that, I'm applying more light-reflective, delicate make-up, and using the yummiest rose smelling moisturizer. It feels nice to be a bit more feminine. It puts me in a sweeter mood...which Lord knows, my husband can appreciate!!

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite feminine things...                                                        
Ren Morrocon Rose Otto Oil
Slightly sweet subtle scent
and sooooo silky

Pajama Pants from Anthropologie

Anything by Soft Joie...the fabric
really IS soft and feminine
Armani skin illuminizer
makes me GLOW


 Harmony Tea...served in spas and ritzy hotels around the world is even better when served in my favorite tea cups from Anthropologie-so girly and feminine!!!

                                                 What are your go to feminine things??

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  1. oooooh I love those Anthro pants. I want to wear them in a non-pajama setting. : )

  2. Yeah! They make great ones at Anthro...I have about 6 dif pairs,
    I always wait a few weeks for them to go on sail bc at Anthro EVERYTHING eventually goes on sale;)


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