What I'm Packing

I'm going to Europe!! What to wear?

So this week I've been slowly packing for a trip. (Going to Italy and England!!)
My little dog and I have been busy contemplating our outfits...(no he's not really coming with me, but he doesn't need to know that just yet).

I hate looking like a tourist, but I want to be comfortable...
I haven't bothered with my accessories yet, but I think we are off to a great start. It's going to be sunny and a little cool in Italy, and much colder in England. 

The first outfit is my favorite...and if its cold I can just put on a black trench...the shoes are new (Elie Tahari gray suede wedges), I'm hoping they are comfortable enough to do some serious walking. At least I'm not trying to walk around cobblestone streets in 4 in heels...

I'm debating outfit number 2. I think it's missing something. I need to pick out some accessories. I tried a belt with it, but not liking it:(

Outfits 3 and 4 are typical casual outfits I'd wear in New York, so I'm pretty sure I'll feel good in those. My boots are Cole Haan and The oxfords are Steve Madden...

Personally, I think I saved the best outfits for last!! I'm probably the only person that thinks he looks freaking ADORABLE, but a mothers love is strong;) His first outfit is for Italy...the 2nd (the Burberry Trench), is for England. 

PS Sorry about the mess, the first pic was taken today, and as you can see I've got clothes everywhere. It always get hectic before a trip and I end up taking everything off the hangers. I'm not looking forward to putting it back;(

Whew, I'm tired!! Packing is a lot of work. Time to cuddle with my hubby and my puppy;)

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  1. I love the way you wear the knee socks!!
    And I like every outfit!! :)


  2. I think those would all be good travel outfits. But wait, you forgot to do an outfit with white tennies, a fanny pack, and mom shorts! How will people know you're a tourist?? :0)

  3. Ooh I love all the looks you put together for the trip!!
    and yea, the F21 shoes are quite comfy :D (unless you arent used to super high heels)

  4. Thanx for the comment, I bought the nail varnish from HK it's some cheap unknown label even i've never heard of it haha, but I just like the colour so I bought it.
    Thanx for following me!
    I follow you too!

    Great blog!!
    Have fun in Europe!

  5. Hi Mimi! Thanks for the lovely comment!!! :)

    So you're coming to Italy... where exactly?
    Your dog is so cute!!!


  6. All outfits seem comfy! The 2 first are my faves! Have fun in Europe girl!!!

    Love, Lena!

    p.s. I now follow u too!!

  7. I love outfit number 2! The thing you're missing is a hat ;) Try one in brown - the same shade as your shoes. Have fun!! xoxo

  8. i've never been to those 2 but i've been to paris and rome.. miss it.


  9. hope you have a great trip and a lot of fun!!! I love your first oufit and the second one looks great too just add jewlery and it's good to go...

  10. all of those outfits look amazing!! i bet you're going to have the most amazing time!!


  11. have an awesome trip! your dog is so cute! =)

  12. Your dog is SOOOOOOOO cute!!!
    Too bad he couldn't go too :-D
    Hope you're having a great time in Europe!
    <3 Nete


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