A Crisp Fall Day: Outfit Post

My Outfit
Sweater-dress: RVCA
Grey Hoodie: Bdg Urban Outfitters
Socks: Falke
Boots: Cole Haan

Today was such a perfect autumn enough for a sweater-dress and boots, sunny enough to not freeze bare-legged!

I better enjoy this now, because soon enough, I will be freezing, no matter how many layers I have on. Yikes!!


  1. Love love love the peek of blue from your boots! Totally makes the outfit!

    Call Me Ishmael

  2. Love your boots! They are a perfect pair for winter whereabouts...!

    Kisses, Lena!

  3. i am in looove with those boots!! your whole look is perfect!

  4. i love your boots!! and that necklace is so cute with the little tassle!!

  5. Hey lady! No I totally agree with you that women still act like that in the office. I know it was that way when I worked in the office too! Its sad, but true!!
    But the show's fashion is so amazing, I am getting all of these ideas and inspirations from it and I just want to go in my room and put on some red lipstick!
    Have a fab night doll!


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  6. we are loving the sock and boot trent.. love your blog!

    we are currently hosting a marc jacobs give away... stop by our blog to enter!

    love the girls from the .sabo skirt. blog

  7. the color scheme and socks and boots! amazing!

  8. I Love the color of your boots! And your outfit looks so casual yet chic.

  9. i love the boots and the socks, and especially the necklace. and of course you can never go wrong with anything RVCA (:

  10. this is a really cute outfit! I love the new trends with the socks! they look so adorable!


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