Outfit Post & Alexander McQueen

My Outfit
Sweater: Inhabit
Jacket: Max studio (an oldie but a goodie)
Pants: Genetic Denim Cords
Bag: Alexander Mcqueen
Scarf: QI 
Ring: Mimi Jay
Shoes: Anthropologie

I absolutely love this bag! Its not too big, not too small, and the flap in the front is so convenient for pulling out my keys or subway card.  Its still available at Bergdorfs and I think Saks, but I believe this color is sold out...I got it in February....

The outfit, although simple, got me tons of compliments yesterday. I think its because of the bag and the scarf. Plus, I try NOT to match my handbag to my shoes, and that always mixes things up a bit:)

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  1. GAH!!! I love your bag!!!! Totally jealous! I want a McQueen...anything :)

  2. Beautiful bag!!! Thanks for your lovely comment now im happily following u

  3. The outfit is super cute. I can see why you received so many compliments. The bag, of course, is the main focal point for me. If it is possible to orgasm at the sight of a handbag, I think I just did.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Love your bag and shoes!! :)

  5. Haha! Bonnie, you made me laugh! That's exactly how I felt when I first saw it. I knew I had to have it!!

  6. I love those shoes! I think they are my faovrite part of this outfit, but I really live everything. Great (as usual!)

  7. GREAT bag and I love the simplicity of your outfit. Everything fits together nicely without being too matchy. Simple and chic.

    Hope you can check out my latest giveaway!

  8. I LOVE your ring!!

    Tnx for your reaction on my blog, I'll follow you!


  9. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog at! The comment you left was very nice.

    I love your outfit and the layering is immaculate! Good job!

    Am a new follower now.

    The Girlie Blog

  10. That bag is beautiful!!! I also, love those boots and all the layering!

  11. i lOVE this look! i love the colors, and the denim jacket. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. I like this outfit!

    my name's martina and I come from Italy...if you want follow me!I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  13. This is a great casual look! I love the bag (of course)! Also, I'm with you on not matching my shoes to my handbag, or to my belt. You look great!


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