Purple Suede Shoes

My Outfit
Jacket: June
Shirt: Urban Outfitters BDG
Jeans: J Brand
Purple Wedges: Madison Harding 
click here for similar purple wedges

Sometimes I just can't help but stick to neutrals...but SEE, I wore some color today! These purple suede shoes are so much fun to wear, and unexpected I think. The plaid shirt has a bit of purple in it as well, but I think I avoided the whole matchy-matchy look. 

My outfits during the day are pretty casual, but I still have fun getting ready. 

Meanwhile, ITS COLD OUTSIDE! Thank God, I was indoors most of the day, because this leather jacket did not cut it!!!  I think this is the last shot of foot cleavage you guys are gonna get from me for a while, because, my little feet need to be nestled all warm in cozy in either some tights or chunky socks for the rest of the winter!!

 (Alright, well maybe, they'll make an appearance at a couple holiday parties...we'll see)

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  1. Okay, I got distracted by the sofa. How fun is that?

    I like the purple wedges! And, the plaid with the leather is like preppy biker chick. Wait, not-so-preppy bikers wear plaid. Half the time I don't know what I'm talking about, but I know the styles I like.

    BTW, I haven't become a follower of others other than two long-time friends, I don't know why. But, I'm adding you to my sidebar.

  2. lovely. your shoes is so cute, like the colours :)
    im now following you, can you follow me back? :D


  3. You look FABULOUS babe, and I dig your style, and those purple pumps are beautiful...


  4. Love those shoes! I am such a sucker for a purple pump. :)

  5. The wedges are lovely!! Its still a bit hot where I live :) xx

  6. Love the jacket! thanks for your comment sweetheart!

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Mimi!
    You look beautiful. I like your hair, your shirt and your shoes!
    The light pink sofa is.....incredible! I want it :)


  8. Thanks for your sweet comment :) Your shoes are divine!
    And yeah you should definitely get the eyeliner: it's a pen one and amazing. You can get it in a Boots :)

    Rosie x

  9. OMG, I love the color of those shoes! Bright shoes are the perfect way to add color to an outfit I think. I think you look great! Hope you keep warm!

  10. nice shirt :P


  11. You look so good in those J brand Jeans. I live and breathe in black denim!

  12. Cute outfit! The purple wedges really added a girly twist...BUT in the cold!! You are brave not to cover those tootsies!! ;)

  13. so pretty! i love this casual look :) thank you for your sweet comment and for following me! i am definitely following you back girl -- visit again soon xoxo

  14. Completely envious of your purple suede shoes. I live in Dublin and it rains most days here making suede not very practical to wear :(

  15. neutral colors are so in right now i stick to them too! and love the heels you are wearing!

  16. hey
    thanks for the lovely comment
    your shoes are so adorable
    i like their colour
    i followed you

  17. You look Great. Loving your blog, It keeps me clear of boredom, so for that I thank you!
    Keep up the good work :)
    xx Rose.

  18. OMG, the interior decor in these pictures is amazing!!! Is this your house???
    Ang xxx

  19. is this your house? the carpet and the sofa are crazy beautiful!! you are too haha !!

    Kenza xxxx


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