Never, Ever, Buy a Dress When you Actually Need One

Every other dress, starting left to at

Well, tonight was a total bomb. I meant to cook myself a healthy meal, work on some jewelry, and take a hot bath...

What did I ACTUALLY do with my time? Ate a box of cookies, talked on the phone, and bought clothes online!!!! Good going!

Anyway, with the holidays among us, I figured I'm bound to want a new dress or two;) ...I love all of them!

Sooooooo, can you guys guess which dress I purchased? 


  1. 1st one and 4th one? This is hard! hah

  2. I'm still getting acquainted. The second one made me do a double-take. My kids wouldn't let me out of the house in that one. Although if I had a scarf I could do it. I'm hoping it's the third and you bought it for me since I can't shop and you're tempting me.

  3. You're a star - I've been looking for a sequinned dress et voila! One appears on your website. Thank you! Just off to!! xx

  4. I always plan to do something productive then always end up being incredibly unproductive!
    Not sure which one, although I love all of them! Think my favourite is the cream lace one in the right hand corner.
    Great blog, just discovered it. Now following. Would love you to check out mine if you have the chance.

  5. The fourth one and the last one?

  6. I'm going dress shopping tomorrow can't wait!!!

    I think either the first, 3rd or 4th??? At least I like those three lol

  7. OMG I love dress shopping so so so much!! tell me tell me which one you bought NOW!! HAHAHAHA!! jK!
    No really I want to kow!!
    HAVe a fab day doll!!


  8. 6th and 8th!!!!! And if should get the 7th!!

  9. Ok!! You def got the grey one with one sleeve ( cuz you say you always end up with grey ) and it's HOT! Annnnddd...the 8th?? Although you''d look amazing in the Sequins blue dress ( #1 ).... love em all...I'll take one of each please!

  10. I suffer from the same problem, too - my closet is rife full of dresses that I have no idea what to wear to, or wear for, or anything. But they're so pretty. All the dresses you chose are gorgeous, but I'm hoping that you got the white, lace one in the top right hand corner - it reminds me of Stella Mccartney's collection from a few years ago, and it's just exquisite.

    Can't wait to see which one you actually chose =)

    - Sharon

  11. the third one and the first one, Oh god!! so many beautiful choices

  12. Aww, things never go as planned! i'd say the taupe bustier, second one, first row. Am I right?



    Would love for you to say Bonjour at:


  13. i LOVE the sequin dress, i want all my cloths to be sew with sequins!


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