Shopping the Closet: new outfits without buying a thing

As many of you know, I do image consulting as well as jewelry design...Recently, one of my clients and I went through her closet with the goal of re-using pieces and revamping her style. She was kind enough to let me take pictures of some of our progress.  In this post I'm showing 2 dresses she felt were boring and never wore.
 She was on the verge of throwing the gray one out!!!! 

Here's how we revamped it:
Original look (ie dress she hates)
New Look

The Outfit:
Dress: Tadashi
Sweater: Armani Exchange
Shoes: Steve Madden
Clutch: BCBG

A lot of my lovely followers know how much I love adding a top or sweater to a dress, to totally change the look, as shown in one of my past posts: Re-work a dress for cooler weather

Dress #2 (below) is adorable...I like it how she origially put it together, but I also like the alternative version for when she wants to mix things up:

The Outfit
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Banana Republic
Clutch: thrift store purchase
Shoes: Pelle Moda

We had fun putting together a bunch of other looks as well. She has a lot of clothes but feels like she's always wearing the same stuff. Sometimes all you need is a fresh eye! 


  1. Love the grey, and the bags are lovely:) x


  2. Love the outfits! Tbefore ones are still pretty. Really like the rings :)

    x x

  3. My gosh what a change with how jewelry and small items can make a huge difference. Love what u've shown.

  4. WOW!! great job, I love the one dress that you revamped, the dress is already pretty, she definitely have to keep it and just mixed and match it
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  5. Great looks, and its so true, very easy to shop your own closet :D

  6. Great styling job!! I love adding a sweater to a dress as well :)

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm now following you! I love what you did to style the dress here! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  8. it's so great revamping what you already have, i am always surprised what i come up with!

  9. I love the ring and the bracelet you're wearing on the second outfit! :)

  10. Two totally different looks..and they both ROCK:)

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  11. the graze box is actually genius in my opinion! and so cheap! you should def bag yourself one :)
    love how you've reworked these - I'm constantly throwing a jumper over my dresses because I think it looks so much better :)

    Rosie x


  12. i like the two looks! maybe the first more :)

  13. im all about revamping outfits! love all the styling you did!

  14. I love recycling (as I call it) and this is giving me ideas:) great


  15. I like yr blog, the posts are so diversified!
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