Care for a Spot of Tea? St Regis Style Of Coarse....

Hot tea + Champagne + Yummy Sandwiches + Desserts....
Sprinkle in a Harp, and the beautiful Christmas Decor of the St. Regis here in Manhattan
Lots of Holiday Fun!

Really, there is no dining experience in the city that quite puts me in the Christmas Spirit, than the afternoon tea at the St. Regis. 

Even though I stuck to my usual neutral color obsession, I still tried to look festive...
I thought the broached scarf my mother bought for me at Bendels, totally did the trick:)

My Outfit
Coat: Mackage
Jumper: Twinkle by Wenlan
Boots: Frye
Scarf: Ash & Dan

IF YOU LIKE MY COAT: For those of you in nyc, there is a new Mackage store in Soho at 123 Mercer street....I have 2 of their coats and love them! High quality, amazing fit and they will LAST!

CLICK HERE to check out Mackage Fall/Winter looks

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  1. Love your winter white coat!

    Liesl :)

  2. You look comfy, layered, warm, and chic! Love this winter look! and your broach scarf looks fabulous! (:

  3. I want that coat!! Hehe so pretty! :) xx

  4. Sounds like my kinda outing! Love the brooch, btw. Wow!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    You look so great here, that brooch is amazing,

    Rosie x

  6. Love tea! And love your scarf, so particular!


  7. really great look!!!! i liked it before you took your coat off, but the skirt and scarf were nice surprises!

  8. lovely coat!
    thank you for your comment!

  9. you look adorable- love the coat, and the photos are so pretty : )

  10. Your scarf is amazing, I've never heard of Ash and Dan.... you always find unique, smaller brands...cute coat!

  11. Thanks Girls! A lot of you like the scarf and the brooch....they aren't separate though...Ash and Dans makes really different scarves...the brooch is permanently attached to it:)

  12. Your coat and scarf are so pretty.

  13. beautiful broach and it's perfectly festive for this time of year! i also love the wonderful layers you have in this outfit!

  14. I love afternoon tea! When we visit British Columbia I always want to have it, but with young kids now it's a little tough. I think they're old enough now to behave, so I might give it a whirl next time.

    Your brooch/scarf is gorgeous and so fitting for a spot of tea. Mackage. Thanks for introducing me!

  15. I love that circle scarf! So stinkin' cute. Now I have to go find one.

    You look great in the mini skirt and tights, and the layered tops are perfect!

  16. Your outfit is gorgeous!

  17. Lovely outfit...I love the broached scarf


  18. I love that coat and the boots. Great look! I love doing things that make you feel like it's really Christmas!

  19. Thank you for your comment!! :]

    Great blog!~
    I love how your accented your muffler with that broach.

    hope to hear from you again~


  20. stopping by, to say hi.
    love your blog, come to visit mine

  21. I'll definitely go there when I'll back to NYC! Love the scarf +brooch!


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