Cool Gifts For Your Guy

1. Peaceful Progressions Alarm Clock - start his day off right with an alarm that wakes him up gradually with light and sound.

2. Zambia Throw Blanket Z Gallerie - at first he may not appreciate this, but trust me, the minute he opens up this cozy blanket and plants himself in front of the tube, he'll be in hog heaven!! ( I know because we have one!)

3. T-Shirt - this one could work for guy or girl, in fact, my hubs would probably think I should have one of these because I AM ALWAYS ON MY COMPUTER!

4. Alligator-Crocodile-ipad Case - handmade, beautiful way to protect his beloved I-pad, can't go wrong there;)

5. "Winestein" Mug - perfect for that MANLY MAN who happens to love wine. Cute, huh?

6. Portable Scanner - great for the guy who loves gadgets. Scan an item, send it to your computer, and share it with beans!! (yuck, did I really just say that?)

Guys are tough to buy for. Hope this list is helpful!!!
Oh, and if you have any other ideas, I could always use suggestions for gifts for the men in my family!!

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  1. I really like that alarm clock for myself. Mr. A would never wake up with that!!!

  2. I love gadgets and so does my fiancé....I should get the portable scanner for him, that way I can get use of it as well.. Hee hee! Good idea choices!!

  3. Okay off-subject, but when is your dress going to arrive? The suspense is killing me!

  4. The 'Weinstein' mug is awesome!! :)

  5. realy cool!!!
    i love your sweet comment - THANK YOU! remember that you can easily stay in touch with my blog with k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)

    xoxo from rome

  6. @ Jen, aw, you remember! Yay! The dress is here and ready to be worn to a Christmas Party;) Gonna post as soon as I'm all dolled up for the event!!

  7. I think that my husband would think that t-shirt was appropriate for me, too. And the winestein mug would be perfect for him.



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