My 2 Week Long Holiday Manicure...

I love my nail color for the Holidays and I'm planning on keeping it through New Years because its so festive...

Most of you have probably heard of the gel nails that last 2 weeks...but, mine are the Shellac nail colors that also last 2 weeks, with a layer of the Opi Burlesque Color, "Extra-Va-Ganza"on top. (The bottom Shellac layer is a dark brick red color)

My hesitation for doing the regular gel nails were: 
1. The colors weren't that cool, they only offer the basics
2. They kinda damage the nail bed

Who knew I could add this glitter polish on top and that the whole manicure would still last me the whole 2 weeks?!! My manicurist tried to sell me on this b4 but I never wanted to do it for the reasons above, but once I found out I could add the glitter on top, I was sold. I think it looks awesome....

And the shellac brand supposedly wont ruin the nail bed!!
Has anyone else tried this??


  1. The glittery nails look so amazing!



  2. Your nails are gorgeous! Totally going to have to try this out.

  3. It looks really lovely .. but I'm a bit afraid to try glitter nail polishes don't know why.. lol! x

  4. OMG!!! I just fell in love with that nail polish, really cool!!


  5. Thanks for the encouraging words about my 30 for 30, Mimi! And as for these nails, I love them! I haven't tried the Shellac or the gel, but I really want to give them a shot. My manicures get destroyed in about two days at the flower shop.

  6. I like the shade! It is perfect for the holidays!!

  7. Look at those nails... GORGEOUS!! Now I want that polish!! :-)

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

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  8. Love your nails they look sooo festive!! I've heard of Shellac and have wanted to try! Looks like it works great.

  9. Those nails are AMAZING! And they would go perfectly with my NYE top (which I can't-can't-can't wait to wear!!!!) But I'm far too lazy to go out and pick up some nail polish ANDTHEN paint them too!!!!

  10. done and done! thank you for this post!

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  11. I love opi they have some of the prettiest colors and the polish goes on so smooth :) love your blog!

  12. Love the sparkles, they would brighten up any outfit! Thanks for your comment dear, I really appreciate it!


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