STUCK on my Elevator

Yuck! My elevator has been out all week long, so we are trampling up 8 flights of stairs at least a hundred times a day! Really, I should be happy, because this is some hardcore buns of steel, exercise!  I thought I was some-what cardiovascular-ly  fit, but...maybe not.  

Meanwhile, Snooki, on Jersey Shore just got arrested for public intoxication. Can you imagine? I never would have predicted. Really. Usually those kids have their shit together. Hmmm...

Poor Snooks...and all I have to do is walk up a few flights of stairs...

My Outfit:
Jacket: Anthro
Tunic: Vintage
Jeggings: J Brand
Boots: Fiorentini & Baker
Necklace: Madewell

Also, Jen awarded me the stylish blogger award!! Thanks Jen!! 

I'm nominating Gabrielle from Uptown Girl
She's a cutie with mad style...check her out when you get a second:)

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  1. Wow 8 flights of stairs is definitely hardcore exercise! Love the stripes :) x

  2. Hello!

    You have a new fan!!!! It's me :)

  3. Hope your elevator is back in service soon. I could not care less about Jersey shore.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  4. You got stuck in the elevator?!?!!? I knew I was scared of them for some reason. I always walk the stairs no matter how many flights there are. It's good exercise, it keeps me from being bored, and I hate standing still for a period of time. Besides, there is no fear of being trapped on a stair.

    P.S. I LOVE SNOOKI. She's a terrible influence on people, but I think we would get along well.

  5. yay for people who read with their dogs :)

  6. You look so cute here. Those boots are perfect for dragging yourself up 8 sets of stairs!!

  7. UGH that stinks but at least you look cute doing it!! and I know I heard last summer she got arrested but oh well ha!

  8. You are so cute! Looking all stylish while trotting flights of stairs! That's why you were voted " STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD " I'm voting for you as well!!

  9. You are so cute. Like, waaay to cute to be hiking up stairs. ;)

    Oh Snooks...when will you learn that drinking & erratic behavior don't mix? (probably never. Or at least I hope not...if only for my tv enjoyment.)

  10. so happy I stumbled across your blog! it is seriously so cute!

  11. i love your necklace! cute outfit!! congrats on the award!! you totally deserve it :)

  12. I love your outfit! I love when black and white stripes are worn with neautral tones. So cute. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  13. Love your jacket, and the free exercise sounds like exactly what I need!

    Rosie x

  14. cute outfit! congrats on the award!
    being from nj, people always asks me if everyone dresses like the cast of jersey shore, but trust me, we don't!

    following you, love your blog! follow me back if you like mine?


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