Sweater Dresses and Food Babies

My Outfit
Blazer: Design History
Sweater Dress: RVCA
Boots: Hunter
Bag: Balenciaga

This was taken the other day when the hubs and I met up for a quick lunch break at Bar Americain. The food is amazing and the warm chips with blue cheese sauce are worth the 800 hours of cardio they require to burn it all off!

It was awesome comfort food for the nasty weather we've been experiencing though...(hence the Hunter rain boots). 

The sweater dress is the same one I wore in the "Crisp Fall Day Outfit Post" (picture below to refresh your memory). It doesn't hurt that the dress is baggy enough to cover up the food baby I had for the rest of the day!!

So, there's the pic I took in the fall. It looks quite different in the sunlight! Its nice and warm and of coarse, many of you know is my #1 reason for buying an item in the first place.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman, a fall sweater dress restyled for winter, and loose enough to wear anytime I might eat too many chips:)

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  1. I love that dress. It's such a versatile and easy piece! I think sweater dressses are becoming staple items for Fall & Winter!

  2. I was thinking that Bar Americain is one of Bobby Flay's restaurant, but I had to Google it to make sure. My son is a big Bobby Flay fan :D

    I wish I could do sweater dresses but maybe ten pounds less. I like how the colors blend then change.
    Check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. you cant go wrong with a sweater dress!

  4. I love it styled both ways...and nice, warm, and cozy are my requirements for clothes too!

  5. Oh my, can't believe you're studying at FIT! I applied but I had to stop the whole process because I finally had to stay at my hometown for personal reasons... I'm so jealous hahah :)) how is studying there? how is the fashion student life at NYC?

    Love your Hunter boots btw, I'm craving for a pair of them! <3

    Now you have a new follower, Mimi :) xo!

  6. love everything! your bag, boots dress perfect look on you :)

  7. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and the tip about keeping a bow in my hair, I will definitely try it! Your dress is very cute too, it looks really good with the blazer =)
    Following you now, follow me too?

  8. I like the dress, dresses that cover my food babies are the best :)

  9. i find sweater dresses hard to wear but this dress looks great on you

  10. You look so cute!! I cant wait to wear my hunter for this upcoming spring, I just cant seem to find a perfect outfit since my hunter is black!! but you make the whole outfit thing perfect!! I might try it with my sweater dress next time.
    For camera I suggest Canon EOS or Sony alpha, idk how much you are planning to spend but those two camera have the exact quality with much lower price. Let me know if you need any help
    P.S: LITA is really comfortable, I think I can walk a mile with them lol obsessed yet?

  11. I like that sweater dress, but unfortunately I cant wear one because of my body shape (weird) You are lucky because looks great in you :)

    See you!

  12. The fact that "food baby" is in your title post is reason enough for me to follow your blog.

  13. i love hunter boots. i wish i could get them in every color. i love the boots in your 2nd outfit too. xo

  14. hey

    your dress and boots are so amazing
    cute photos

    thanks for the comment


  15. I've never heard of a "food baby" and laughed out loud when I realized what you were talking about!!!! too funny!!!!!


  16. mmm...chips and blue cheese sounds divine...


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